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How I Work
I know a piece is done when I feel the right energy, that is, the right "charge" being conveyed.
I like haikus and I try to achieve the same simple beauty of haikus in my paintings.
I work messy and sporadic at first; however, I am very particular when finishing a piece. I obsess over every line, its thickness, its simplicity, its curvature. I am also particular about the balance of my forms. I am inspired by scientific line-drawings found in books, and by mathematical illustrations or graphs. I see beauty in such things.
Conversely, I am also drawn to organic forms, such as ovals and circles and seedy-like sprays of dots. A grassy, reedy pond feels like math to me somehow.
In addition, I enjoy the mysteries of the sea, space, and forests.
I don't need a whole lot to tell my story, Minimalism, ahhh.
The Calm.
My work is about energy, little mysteries of nature, rhythm, mark-making, and of course, lines. I love the line.
four orange poppies
All work is acrylic on canvas
or on board and is framed
in a simple wood box frame.