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From: Rick Manore
To: lisa goedert
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 12:27 AM
Subject: Re: popor2nity submission

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for submitting your colorful and curious paintings.

I love your use of color. Judicious in your birdhouse piece, lovingly rich and gratuitous on your 1st painting (looks like a close up of an amphibian) and I love it.

Most female Expressionist painters, paint women, or the female form- your work seems to not only embrace nature, but also bow to its mystery-humans are nowhere to be seen-and I applaud that.

You also have a discernible style-at least in your color selection. It's nice to see a post-modern painting that doesn't OD on ochres and burnt reds, which lend a pessimistic pallor over a lot of the preponderance of creepy death-like art that I see from most young artists. You can tell that it's all about life with your work-or maybe these are little cautionary tales-well, not your Paul Klee homage, but the first two.

As far as that one goes, while it seems more derivative than your other two pieces, it's a cleverly composed piece that is very well painted. Like I said, there is a lightness (I mean that as in luminescent, not "lite") to your work, life affirming, yet there's a mystery there. Maybe you instinctively know that as a painter, you are also a myth maker. I think you see the wonder in life and translate it economically to canvas, in symbols (abstractly and representationally) and in metaphor.

Lisa, I like your work very much, and you seem to be on the right track as far as conceptually and focus of vision. You seem to achieve, what you set out to do. Very good work indeed. Like I said, I look forward to CPopportunity because it allows me to see what's going on outside of the usual suspects.

It was a pleasure viewing your work, and I would love if you would exhibit with us on the 13th.

rick manore
founder cpop gallery
Coral Reef
All work is acrylic on canvas
or on board and is framed
in a simple wood box frame.